About PAOB

1. Who are we
Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“PAOB”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (“OneConnect”) (NYSE:OCFT) and a member of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (“Ping An”) (HKEx:2318; SSE:601318), is committed to establishing a virtual banking ecosystem by optimising customer-centric services through its innovation and sophisticated technology. PAOB was granted a virtual banking licence by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) in May 2019. PAOB is developing diverse business segments including retail banking and SME banking.
2. Do you have a branch?
As a virtual bank, PAOB does not have any physical branch. If you would like to enjoy our banking services, please download our PAOB APP or PAOB SME APP from App Store or on Google Play , our APPs should be able to fulfill your saving and borrowing needs.
3. How to contact PAOB for enquiries?

You may contact our Customer Service Representative through the below channel:

24 Hours in-app Live Chat: Simply contact our Customer Service Representative
24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900
Email: [email protected]
4. What is PAOB’s Bank Code, Branch Code and SWIFT code?
Bank Code: 392
Branch Code: 752

Account Opening

1. Who can open a account with PAOB?

You are eligible to open a personal account with us if you are

  1. A Hong Kong citizen who holds a valid Hong Kong Identity Card (both 2003 and 2018 version) with age 18 or above;
  2. Holding a Hong Kong phone number & Hong Kong residential address;
  3. Non-U.S. Resident/ Permanent Resident card /Green Card Holder/Resident Alien

Your company is eligible to open a SME account if it has fulfilled the below criteria:

  1. The Company is incorporated and registered in HK
  2. The Company's do not have corporate Director(s) / Shareholder(s)
  3. The Company is not a :

    • Financial Institution
    • International organization
    • Listed Company or its related company
    • Governmental entity
    • Central Bank
    • Non-Governmental Organization
    • Incorporated owner

    PAOB shall review the information of your company and may further request you to provide more information when necessary. Account opening shall subject to PAOB's approval.

2. What bank services will I get after opening an account?
  • HKD saving account services
  • Fund transfer & payment via Faster Payment System (FPS)
  • Business installment loan service (for selected clients only )

More services will be available in the near future, stay with us!

3. Is there any minimum deposit requirement for using PAOB Savings account?
No. We have no minimum account balance requirement and using our savings account service is completely free.
4. What is the account opening procedure?

Simply follow the steps below and you will be able to enjoy our seamless banking services. It takes around 8 minutes to open a savings account!

  1. Download PAOB APP here or simply visit your mobile device App store (iOS: App Store/ Android: Google Play) and search “PAOB” for our APP!
  2. Hong Kong ID scanning and selfie taking to verify applicants' identity
  3. Input your personal information
  4. Once approval completed, your savings account will be created!

Simply follow the steps below and you will be able to enjoy our seamless banking services.

  1. Download PAOB SME APP here or simply visit your mobile device App store (iOS: App Store/ Android: Google Play) and search “PAOB SME” for our APP!
  2. Hong Kong ID scanning and selfie taking to verify applicants' identity
  3. Input your personal and company information
  4. Share the QR code to other Director(s) and Shareholder(s) to input information. (If applicable)
  5. Once approval completed, your savings account will be created!
5. What document shall I prepare when opening an account?
Hong Kong Identity Card is all you need!
6. What version of ID do you accept?
We accept both 2003 and 2018 version Hong Kong Identity Card.
7. Can I open account with passport only?
We currently accept Hong Kong Identity Card.
8. Do I have to provide additional information during account opening process?
PAOB strives to assist customers in taking steps or providing alternatives that can help satisfy the account opening processes, therefore, customers may be asked to provide additional information to facilitate the account opening process.
9. Can I open an account via Internet browser
Currently we only accept to open an account using mobile APP.
10. Can I issue or deposit a cheque?
We currently do not provide cheque related service.
11. What should I do if I want to block my account for suspected fraud or bogus calls received?
You can request account blocking via our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900
12. Can I open a joint account?
We currently do not provide joint account service.
13. How to avoid a dormant account?
Conduct any payment or transfer for at least 12 consecutive months or such other period as we may set from time to time.

Mobile APP

1. Where can I download PAOB APP?
You may download here or simply visit your mobile device app store (iOS: App Store/ Android: Google Play) and search “PAOB”or “PAOB SME” for our APPs!
2. Are there any fees of downloading the APP?
The PAOB APP is free to download.
3. What devices does PAOB APP support?
PAOB APP is supported on Apple iPhones with iOS 12.3 or above and smartphones with Android 7 or above
4. If I am using a modified or a jailbroken/ rooted device, can I use PAOB APP?
If your device has been modified or being detected as a jailbroken / rooted mobile device, you will not be allowed to continue using our APP. A warning will appear on the screen to inform you that the device is not a proper tool to use our APP since this kind of device might be less secure or may lead to fraudulent transaction. For security reason, please use a non-modified/ non-jailbroken / rooted mobile device to use our APP.
5. Will I be able to receive SMS one-time password (OTP) when I am not in Hong Kong?
If you are not in Hong Kong and using overseas mobile service providers, the service provider may not support the receipt of international SMS. You may need to activate your roaming service to enable it for completing any instructions. Please note that fees and charges may apply and do consult your mobile service provider for more details before doing so.
6. I have forgotten my username and password. What can I do?
We strongly encourage you to keep your banking credentials secure. If you have forgotten your username and password, simply click “Retrieve user ID” or “Forget Password” on the login page of PAOB APP. You should be able to reset your login credentials when the process is completed.
7. Any requirement of setting up password?

To protect your account, your password should:

  1. contain 8-16 digits and letters
  2. contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  3. contain one special character
  4. not use 5 or more same and consecutive digits or letters
  5. not use the username as your password
  6. not use the password that being used for past 3 times
8. If my mobile device is lost and I would like to suspend my account, what should I do?
You can simply contact our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900, we will take care of it immediately.
9. How do I log into my account?
You can login to your PAOB APP with your user ID & password or biometric ID. You will be able to view your account details if you have successfully login to your account
10. Do you support biometric authentication for login?
We support Touch ID/Face ID for logging to the APP. You would have to trust your device by going to “Settings” in our APP in order to enable biometric authentication.
11. How do I disable Touch ID/Face ID in PAOB APP?
You can disable the Touch ID/Face ID under the "Settings" drop down menu in our PAOB APP.
12. How will your bank safeguard customer's personal information?
Network security is our top priority. We employ the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is one of the strongest encryption technologies most commonly used by large-scale online merchants, banks, and brokerages worldwide. The online sessions between you and the bank are protected by encryption, which best protects your information against disclosure to third parties. Our web servers are protected with network "firewalls" and our systems are constantly monitored to prevent any unauthorized access. The retention period of personal information provided by customers (including incomplete application) would be in accordance with the internal policy.
13. Will other parties be able to access my HKID photo?
PAOB safeguards our customer interest and customer data protection is our top priority. All photos of Hong Kong Identity Card will only be used for account opening and subsequent identity verification (e.g. fund transfer, uplift transaction limit, etc.) PAOB has high standard of cyber security precautions and strict operation guideline to follow.
14. What language can I choose on your APP?
Our App currently supports Traditional Chinese and English.
15. Can I access PAOB APP if I don't have network on my device?
You could only access PAOB APP only if you have access to the Internet.
16. Can I access the APP if I’m outside Hong Kong?
As long as you have access to the Internet with a recommended device, you will be able to access PAOB APP anytime and anywhere.
17. Can I unsubscribe advertising materials?

If you no longer wish to receive any direct marketing materials or messages from the PAOB, please login our APP and find "Edit Personal Info" or contact our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900 to cancel.

Please be noted that once you have disabled this service, we will not be able to notify any latest information to you directly.

18. Where can I find your company updates?
If you would like to follow PAOB's latest news, please visit our website: www.paob.com.hk or enable push notification in our APP.
19. Do you have a website?
Please visit our website at www.paob.com.hk
20. What should I do if I received bogus call?
If you receive a bogus call, please contact our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900. You may also leave a message to us on our live chat, our customer service officers will contact you by phone or response through the live chat on the next available time.
21. How do I report unusual account activity?

If you suspect any unusual account activities, please contact our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900.

You may also leave a message to us on our live chat session, our customer service officers will contact you on the next available time.


1. What is the minimum deposit requirement for my savings account?
There is NO minimum deposit requirement for opening an account with PAOB.
2. How to transfer fund into my account?
You may transfer fund from other banks by Faster Payment System (FPS). Please select bank name Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited.
3. When will the interest accrue if I make fund transfer to PAOB savings account?
The interest will accrue on your day-end balance after the incoming funds are credited to your savings account.
4. What currency can I transfer?
We accept transfer in HKD currently. Other currencies will be available in the near future
5. How do I know if I have interest credited to my savings account?
Interest will be credited to your savings account on every the 2nd of each month. The interest calculation period is from the second day of each month to the 1st of next calendar month.
6. Am I allowed to overdraft my account?
Sorry that overdraft is not available in the savings account
7. Where can I find your Fees and Charges?
The information of service charges is available on our website and our APP. Please visit here or download our PAOB APP for more details.
8. If I want to close my bank account, what should I do?
You can request account closure via our customer service hotline (852) 3762 9900.

Time Deposit

1. What is the difference between Time Deposit Account and Savings Account?
You can place your money for a specific period of time with a Time Deposit Account (subject to a request for Early Uplift which only would be allowed at the Bank’s discretion), where you generally enjoy a higher interest rate compared to a Savings Account. With a Savings Account, you can withdraw or deposit your money whenever you need it.
2. How can I place a Time Deposit?
If you are an existing PAOB personal customer, you can login your account and place a Time Deposit via the PAOB Banking APP at any time.
If you are not an existing PAOB personal customer, you simply need to open account via the PAOB Banking APP. You will then be able to place a Time Deposit once your savings account is successfully opened.
3. When will I get my interest back after I place my Time Deposit?
On the maturity date of your Time Deposit, both the principal and interest will be credited to your Savings Account.
4. When will I get my principal back after I place my Time Deposit?
You can get your principal back on the maturity date of your Time Deposit.
5. Can I uplift my Time Deposit before it matures?
You might be allowed to request for an Early Uplift and which might be considered (in some cases, approved) at the Bank's discretion. In such cases, you will not be entitled to any interest and you are required to pay an Early Uplift fee in accordance with the Bank’s retail terms and conditions (as amended from time to time).
6. Do I need a minimum amount to open a Time Deposit account?
There are different minimum deposit amounts for different Time Deposit options and you can login to the PAOB Banking APP or browse our website for more information.
7. Can I open a Time Deposit Account in different currencies?
PAOB currently only offers Time Deposit in Hong Kong Dollars.


1. What is FPS?

"FPS" is the acronym of Faster Payment System which is a system launched by Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) in September, 2018. The main functions including:

1) 7 x 24 x 365 real time interbank balance transfer
2) support payments and transfer in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
2. Will I be charged when making transfer via FPS?
The handling fee is now waived to customer when transfer via FPS (including transfer in and out).
3. What does FPS account addressing mean?
FPS supports the use of predefined Proxy ID, i.e. mobile phone number, email address, or FPS ID(for individual accounts), to identify the payee account. If the payee has registered to use Proxy ID to associate with his/her account through the receiving bank/institution (such as SVF Licensee), the payer may just enter the Proxy ID when transferring funds to the payee account.
4. How can I bind my mobile number with my PAOB account?
If you would like to bind you mobile number with your APP account, simply click "Register FPS" in the APP. You will receive a SMS message to verify your identity. Once the verification is completed, your mobile number address will bind with your APP account.
5. How many proxy ID(s) can I register?
Each customer can register up to 2 proxy IDs, including mobile number and FPS ID.
6. What type of currency can I select for funds transfer via FPS?
We support fund transfer service in HKD currently.
7. How to set my transaction limit in the APP? (Daily / single)
You can login our PAOB APP and you could set your daily and single transaction limit under "Settings" > "Transaction limit Settings".
8. Is there anything I should be aware of before confirming a fund transfer instruction?
You should verify carefully the transferee's details (i.e. account number/mobile number/email/FPS ID) and transfer amount before confirming a fund transfer instruction.
9. What is the cut-off time for payment transfer?
There is no cut-off time for FPS. Instructions are handled in real-time at anytime.
10. What should I do if I conduct mistransfer and want to cancel it?
If you would like to cancel your payment request, please contact our 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900 at the earliest convenience. We will assist you to contact the payee to return the funds on condition that all required information is received by us.
11. How do I withdraw money from my account?
You can register FPS with your PAOB account and transfer the money to other bank accounts for withdrawal.
12. How can I check my account balance?
You can login our PAOB APP and check your balance on the homepage of the APP.
13. How can I make an FPS payment in a merchant app or website?
If the merchant app or website supports FPS payment, you can select to pay by FPS and choose PAOB app when prompted. PAOB app will be invoked and you can follow your usual login method. You can then preview the transaction details and click for payment. In the result page, you can click to log out and go back to the merchant app or website. You can also view the status at the merchant app or website.
14. Who can use the FPS payment method in merchant app or website?
You can enjoy the service as long as you are a PAOB retail customer with PAOB app installed.
15. After the FPS payment it shows the successful result page but I am not re-directed to the merchant app or webpage. What should I do?
You can switch to the merchant app or webpage manually and view the transaction status.
16. What are the daily and single transaction limits for FPS merchant payment?
It is shared with the usual FPS / Intra Bank transaction limit amount set personally.
17. Which merchants support the FPS merchant payment function?
You can enjoy the service as long as the merchant builds the FPS merchant payment capability.

e-Statement & e-Advice

1. How do I view my e-Statement?

You can follow the steps below to view the e-Statement:

Step 1: Login to your PAOB APP;
Step 2: Select “e-Statement” on APP homepage;
Step 3: Select the months that you would like to view on the e-Statement

2. Can I request for a paper statement?
If you would like to receive paper statement, you can request PAOB to send you a physical copy and it will be charged. Please login PAOB APP and select "Request for Paper Statement" under "e-Statement". To be environmental friendly, please note that HKD 100 would be charged for each paper statement.
3. How do I access to my e-Statement?
You can view and download the e-Statement at "e-Statement" in the PAOB APP.
4. When will I receive the e-Statement?
The e-Statement would be generated on the 1st calendar day of the following month. PAOB will remind you through push notifications, emails and SMS. Do report to our customer service officers at 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900 if you have any enquiry.
5. How far back can I see my past e-Statement in the APP?
e-Statements will be recorded for 7 years since the first day you joined the PAOB APP. They are retrievable in the PAOB APP.
6. When will I receive an e-Advice and how can I view it?
e-Advice will be generated when any transactions are made upon your savings account. You can view it at PAOB APP inbox after login.
7. What can I do if I have unusual transaction showing in my account?
If you have any unusual transaction, please contact 24 Hours General Enquiry & Technical Support Hotline: (852) 3762 9900 directly by phone or or live chat session and we will look into that for you. We also suggest you to contact the merchant directly and see if this can be solved.

SME Lending

1. Who can apply SME lending products?

The Corporation must be a Hong Kong registered company with year of incorporation more than 3 years.

2. Is collateral required to apply SME lending products?
No collateral is required.
3. Is personal guarantee required to apply SME lending products?
Limited company needs to provide personal guarantee of minimum 51% shareholders.
Loan purpose
1. Any limitation on loan purpose?

No limitation.

Application Flow
1. Will personal liability situation affect loan approval result?

Yes, bank will assess not only applicant's credit reference but also personal credit worthiness of all guarantors/owner/partners up consent obtained

2. What documents should be prepared by the company for application?
Applicant needs to prepare the following documents:
-HKID of all Director(s) / Guarantor(s) / Sole Proprietor / Partner(s)
-6 months bank statements of 3 major accounts (by request)
-Current facilities’ Banking Facility Letter(s) or loan documents (if any)
Loan Terms
1. What amount can I borrow from Trade-Connect Loan?

Trade-Connect Loan amount ranges from HKD$100,000 to $2,000,000.

2. What is the tenure option?
Loan tenure options can be 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months or 36 months.
3. When can loan be disbursed ?
Upon loan approved, disbursement will take place after successfully opened PAOB savings account, company signed confirmation letter and all guarantors need to sign all required documents.
4. What is the interest rate for the loan?
Interest rate varies based on applicant risk rating.
5. Is the interest rate, fixed or floating?
We offer a fixed rate of interest.
6. Is there any handling fee for loan application or drawdown?
Guarantee Fee will be charged for 80% Guarantee Product or 90% Guarantee Product.
1. How to repay the loan?

Borrower has to open a savings account with PAOB for monthly direct debit repayment purpose.

2. Is the monthly repayment amount fixed?
Yes, monthly repayment amount is fixed and scheduled.
Late repayment
1. What is the interest rate if I repay late?

Default interest is charged at 4% per month on the overdue amount from the date of default until we actually receive repayment in full.

2. What is the late fee if I repay late?
There is no overdue repayment fee while overdue interest will be charged.
Early Redemption
1. Can I settle the loan earlier?

Yes, early settlement is allowed.

2. What will be the cost if I settle Trade-Connect loan earlier?
No early redemption fee will be charged.

Open API

1. Does PAOB provide Open API?

Phase 1 of Open API has been launched and providing product information for retail customers. Please visit the link below to the Open API platform:

JETCO Cardless Withdrawal

1. What is JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service?

JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service allows you to set up withdrawal instruction in PAOB APP and withdraw cash simply by scanning the QR code at supporting JETCO ATM which locates in Hong Kong without using a physical card.

2. How to use JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service?

You can follow the steps below for JETCO Cardless Withdrawal
Step 1: Login to your PAOB APP;
Step 2: Set your daily withdrawal limit for JETCO Cardless Withdrawal in “Settings”;
Step 3: Select “JETCO Cardless Withdrawal” on APP homepage;
Step 4: Set up withdrawal instruction by inputting withdrawal amount;
Step 5: Input SMS OTP;
Step 6: Go to any JETCO ATM with “JETCO Cardless Withdrawal” stickers. Press any key on the ATM PIN Pad and follow on-screen instruction to start;
Step 7: Select “Withdraw Now” on APP and scan the QR code on ATM screen;
Step 8: Collect cash from ATM

3. Do I need to register for JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service?

No registration is required. All PAOB customers with a valid savings account can use this service.

4. Is there a withdrawal limit?

For JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service, the maximum withdrawal amount is HK$6,000 per instruction and the daily withdrawal limit is HK$30,000.

5. How long is the withdrawal instruction valid?

Withdrawal instruction is valid for 60 minutes. Once the instruction has expired, you need to set a new instruction.

6. Can I edit or cancel my cash withdrawal instruction?

You can only cancel the instruction before expiry. To cancel the withdrawal instruction please follow the below steps
Step 1: Login to your PAOB APP;
Step 2: Select “JETCO Cardless Withdrawal” on APP homepage;
Step 3: Tap the trash bin icon at the top right hand corner;
Step 4: Tap “Confirm” to cancel the withdrawal instruction;
Step 5: You will receive SMS/email notification once the withdrawal instruction is cancelled.

7. Can I set up more than one withdrawal instruction at a time?

You can only set up one withdrawal instruction at a time. You can set up another instruction once the withdrawal is completed.

8. Is JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service free of charge?

Yes. This service is free of charge.

9. Do all ATMs support JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service?

This service is only available at JETCO ATMs with the “JETCO Cardless Withdrawal” stickers.

10. Is JETCO Cardless Withdrawal Service secure?

Yes. You are required to login to PAOB APP and input SMS OTP for authentication before setting up the withdrawal instruction.

11. Can I authorize someone else to withdraw cash on my behalf?

No. Your banking credentials are required to authorize the withdrawal instruction. Please do not share your PAOB APP credentials with others.

12. Will I get notification for the withdrawal?

Yes, you will receive SMS/email notification upon withdrawal instruction set up, successful withdrawal and cancellation of instruction.

13. How can I view my transaction history?

You can access your transaction history either through the “JETCO Cardless Withdrawal” on PAOB APP homepage or the transaction details in your savings account. Withdrawal records will also be included on your e-statement.

14. Can I withdraw other currencies?

We currently support HKD cash withdrawals only.

15. Can I use JETCO Cardless Withdrawal service overseas?

No. This service is only available in Hong Kong.

16. What happens if the ATM fails to dispense cash?

Please record the error code displayed on PAOB APP (if applicable), check your withdrawal instruction status via PAOB APP and contact our enquiry hotline at (852)3762 9900 for assistance.

Designated Device

1.What is Designated Device?

Designated Device is the mobile device designated by you to use your account and our services, and to enter into transactions. With the introduction of Designated Device, you may now enjoy our services and enter into transactions by logging on to the PAOB APP with your 6-digit PIN or with biometric authentication, allowing you to enjoy a more secured yet seamless banking experience.

2.Am I required to activate Designated Device?

To ensure the safety and security of your account, you are required to activate the Designated Device in order to perform any transactions or give any instructions via the PAOB APP (for example, initiating a fund transfer).

3.How many mobile devices can I designate as my Designated Device?

You may only activate one mobile device as the Designated Device. When you are logging in from mobile devices other than your Designated Device, you can choose to designate the new device as your Designated Device. Once such designation is complete, the original Designated Device will be deactivated automatically.

4.Can I share the Designated Device with others?

To protect the safety of your account, only one person may have access to the Designated Device at any one point in time. When another person has logged in to the PAOB APP from your Designated Device, your Designated Device will be de-activated automatically. You will be required to activate the Designated Device again during your next login.

5.What do I need to prepare when activating the Designated Device?

During the activation process, you will be required to perform a one-time SMS verification and input One-Time Password for authentication. After that, you will be asked to verify your identity by way of facial recognition.

6.How shall I activate my Designated Device?

You may follow the below steps to activate the Designated Device:

1. Download the most updated version of the PAOB APP from the Google Play™
Store, App Store or the designated link from our website
2. Login to the PAOB APP from your designated mobile device
3. Select “Setup Now”
4. Perform SMS OTP authentication
5. Perform Facial Recognition verification
6. Setup your Security PIN
7. Select the authentication method for logging-in and for authorising transactions
8. Complete the setup of Designated Device

7.What should I do if my mobile device which has activated with Designated Device is lost?

If your Designated Device is lost, we recommend you to contact our customer service representative to suspend your Designated Device immediately. Once suspended, your original Designated Device will be disabled and you may re-activate it again upon your next successful login on the new mobile device.

8.Why biometric authentication could not be enabled on my Designated Device?

If your mobile device does not support biometric authentication, you may not be able to enable this service.

9.If there is more than one biometric credentials stored on my mobile device, can I still register for biometric authentication service?

When you activate biometric authentication service, any biometric credentials stored on your mobile device can be used to log on to the PAOB APP. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to store your own biometric credential only on your mobile device.

10.Why I cannot activate my Designated Device successfully?

If your mobile device cannot meet our security requirement, you may not be able to activate the Designated Device on your mobile device. If you have met any difficulties during the activation of Designated Device, please contact our customer service representative for assistance.

11.Is Designated Device applicable to SME customers as well?

Designated Device is currently supporting both retail and SME customers.