Board of Directors

    (Last update on 3 June 2024)

Mr. Lau James Henry Jr. GBS, JP

Chairman (Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Lau had held senior positions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, including that of Under Secretary and then Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury. During his tenure at Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Mr. Lau led numerous policy and legislative initiatives for the financial service sector and worked closely with different regulators.

Prior to his appointment with Hong Kong government, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited and an Executive Director at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Mr. Lau received a Gold Bauhinia Star awarded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and he was appointed a Justice of the Peace. He served as the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of OneConnect Financial Technology (HongKong) Co., Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd (“OCFT”, NYSE: OCFT, SEHK:6638) from August 2021 to November 2023.

Mr. Fei Yiming

Executive Director and Chief Executive

Mr. Fei, the Chief Executive and an Executive Director of the Bank, has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Having joined and held leadership positions in conglomerates such as HSBC, McKinsey & Company, UBS Securities and Bank of Langfang. Mr. Fei has extensive experience in strategy development and implementation in the banking, insurance, and asset management sectors. Prior to joining the Bank, Mr. Fei served as the Deputy General Manager and Board Secretary of OCFT. He brings unique views and rich experience in financial services for SMEs and is well-versed with Mainland and Hong Kong markets.

Ms. Lui Yuk Lan

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Lui has over 25 years of experience with Standard Chartered Bank covering a wide spectrum of core finance and accounting matters. Her last role in Standard Chartered Bank was the Head of Balance Sheet Management, GCNA & HK and she led the Finance team to support ALCO in managing balance sheet, liquidity and capital. She also ensured optimal utilization of balance sheet, from a capital and strategic liquidity perspective, which includes supporting and attending country ALCOs, proposing balance sheet measures, preparing capital plans, discussing strategic balance sheet issues, implementing FTP. Ms. Lui also led the Capital Reporting Team to report Pillar 1 CAR of Standard Chartered Bank. Ms. Lui is the fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Mr. Yeung Tak Bun

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Yeung is the former Government Chief Information Officer (head of department), Justice of the Peace; he was responsible for formulation of policies and strategies for Hong Kong’s overall digital technology; digital government; cyber-security; development of the digital economy, particularly for information technology industries; and formulation of the blueprint for developing Hong Kong into the world’s leading smart city.

He served as the Chief Corporate Development Officer of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and was responsible for the development strategy of the science park, incubation programmes for start-ups, and nurturing technology enterprises. Mr. Yeung started his career in Silicon Valley and had worked for several high-tech companies. Thereafter, he held several senior management positions in multinational corporations, Hong Kong listed companies and private equity funds, with operations throughout Asia. Mr. Yeung is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director Yau Lee Holdings Limited (stock code: 406) and Chinasoft International Limited (stock code: 354), UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited (stock code: 722), which are both listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“Stock Exchange”).

Mr. Yeung holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas (Austin), a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management of the University of Northwestern in conjunction with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Shek Lai Him Abraham

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Shek was a Non-Executive Director of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.

He served as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the MTR Corporation Limited. Mr. Shek also holds independent non-executive directorships at nearly twenty listed companies. Mr. Shek was also a Member of Legislative Council, HKSAR, representing the Real Estate and Construction Functional Constituency from 2000 to the end of December 2021 and a Member of Advisory Committee on Corruption of the Independent Commission against Corruption from January 2017 to the end of December 2022.

In recognition of his distinguished effort in community services, Mr. Shek was made a Justice of the Peace in 1995, received a Silver Bauhinia Star in 2007 and awarded a Gold Bauhinia Star in 2013.

Mr. Shek is a Court Member of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Court Member of City University of Hong Kong and an Honorary Member of the Court of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Education from the University of Sydney and a Juris Doctor degree from City University of Hong Kong. Mr. Shek is also a member of the Court and Council of The University of Hong Kong. Mr. Shek is an Honorary Fellow of Lingnan University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The University of Hong Kong and The Education University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Song Max

Independent Non-Executive Director

Max Song is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Carbonbase (, an APAC based climate technology start up leveraging data science and blockchain for enterprise solutions for measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions. Mr. Song is also a venture partner of Pacific Century Group. He was formerly a data scientist in Silicon Valley, Paris, and New York, where he helped to perform data analysis for a Fortune 10 financial institution to satisfy regulatory requirements. Previously, he worked in investment-related firms for Hong Kong family offices, where he had exposure in areas including TMT, AI, blockchain, and healthcare. Mr. Song worked as a data scientist in Silicon Valley for Ayasdi, Inc, where he helped with data analysis applications for finance, biotech and healthcare industries. Mr. Song obtained a Masters of Public Administration at Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University, where he majored in Applied Math. Mr. Song is passionate about mobilizing the capabilities of technology and finance to realize the promises of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mr. Song was a recipient of the 2021 Generation T Tatler List, and was a 2021 Forbes 30U30 recipient.

Mr. Ip Koon Wing Ernest

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ip joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1985 and became a partner in 1993. Mr. Ip retired from PricewaterhouseCoopers in July 2019. In August 2019, Mr. Ip joined the Fung Group, which comprises, amongst others, Li & Fung Limited (a company formerly listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange), Fung (1937) Management Limited, and Convenience Retail Asia Limited (a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange (stock code: 0831)). Mr. Ip is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of the Fung Group. Mr. Ip has held various key positions in regulatory authorities and business associations. Mr. Ip was a member of the Listing Committee of the Stock Exchange from 2003 to 2009. Mr. Ip was a member of the Dual Filing Advisory Group of the SFC from 2008 to 2014. Currently, Mr. Ip is a member of the Takeovers and Mergers Panel and the Takeovers Appeal Committee. Mr. Ip is the Past President of the Hong Kong Business Accountants Association. He is also a member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a Vice President of the Council for the Promotion of Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Cooperation. Mr. Ip is currently an Independent Director of OCFT and an Independent Non-Executive Director of Media Chinese International Limited, a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange (stock code: 685) and the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in Malaysia (stock code: 5090).

Mr. Ip is a fellow member of each of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Certified Practising Accountant Australia.

Board Committees

   (Last update on 3 June 2024)

There are three committees under the Board of Directors (“Board”), namely Audit Committee, Board Risk Management Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Audit Committee

Audit Committee reviews the Bank’s internal financial controls to identify, assess, manage and monitor financial risks and to review the Bank’s internal control systems. Audit Committee also reviews financial reporting and the internal audit function, oversees the work of the external auditors, discusses matters raised by internal auditors and external auditors and ensures that audit recommendations are implemented accordingly.

Board Risk Management Committee

Board Risk Management Committee exercises oversight on behalf of the Board of the overall risk appetite, risk exposure, risk management strategy and risk culture, makes recommendations to the Board on the Bank’s Risk Appetite Statement and key Risk Appetite Limits governing Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk, and approves on behalf of the Board the Bank’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process. Board Risk Management Committee reviews the appropriateness, effectiveness and implementation of the Bank’s risk management systems and controls.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Nomination and Remuneration Committee identifies individuals suitably qualified to become members of the Board or key Senior Executive Members, and recommends such individuals to the Board. It also reviews the structure, size and composition of the Board and its effectiveness by annual evaluation and makes recommendations to the Board with regard to any adjustments that are deemed necessary for improvement. It is responsible for reviewing the framework and policies for remuneration, and determining remuneration packages of all individual Executive Directors and Senior Executive Members. NRC is also responsible for the bank culture aspects in ensuring that the Bank maintains a sound corporate culture that supports prudent risk management and that all levels of staff in the Bank have a strong commitment to achieving high ethical and professional standards and positive customer outcomes.

Corporate Governance Disclosures

Please refer to the Appendix to the Annual Reports of the Bank for the corporate governance of the corresponding year.