Savings Account

  • Enjoy a basic saving interest rate of 0.4% p.a. with NO fees and NO minimum account balance requirement 1
  • Transfer funds from your account INSTANTLY at your fingerprints
  • Enjoy 24/7 banking services WITHOUT visiting a bank
  • Go green with paperless statement
  • Eligible deposits under Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) in Hong Kong
  • 1 Applicable to account balance at HK$500,000 or below. 0.40% p.a. interest rate will be applied for account balance over HK$500,000. (Effective from 21 November 2022).

Savings Deposit Rate

Deposit Balance (HKD) Annual Interest Rate
First $500,000 0.40%
Above $500,000 0.40%

Time Deposit

  • Low threshold, place your Time Deposit from minimum $100 to enjoy stable interest returns
  • More financial flexibility by offering 1-12 months Time Deposit option
  • Same interest rate for all deposit amount
  • 24 X 7 time deposits anywhere

Time Deposit Rate

Deposit Period Annual Interest Rate
1-Month 1.50%
3-Month 4.20%
5-Month 4.50%
9-Month 4.60%
The annual interest rate is calculated on a daily basis over a 365-day year and will be determined by the Bank from time to time.
The above interest rates are for reference only. The actual interest rates will be subject to the rates quoted in PAOB Retail Banking APP by the Bank from time to time.
Interest Rate
0 - 200 K
200 K - 20M
Account opening date to 30 Sep 2020 (both dates inclusive)
1 Cot to 31 Dec 2020 (both dates inclusive)
1 Jan to 31 Mar 2021 (both dates inclusive)


Eligibility cap is based on initial deposit and will be adjusted downward per fund withdrawal

Eligibility cap will not be adjusted upward on subsequent fund deposit

Bonus step-up interest will be credited to customers savings account 1 month after each period end